Traveling by Sailboat-Greatest Hits 4th Edition

by Drew on March 15, 2011

We’ve finally settled into life in the States after a year ashore. I actually bought a car last week…my first in years. My grandmother passed away a while back so I’ve been driving her old 1991 Chrysler New Yorker with the plush seats and vinyl top. Hell, it only has 54,000 miles on it so why not? But alas, my new party rental business, Goodwin Event Rentals, needed a truck so off I went to the Ford dealership. Margie is fully involved in real estate here in Lake Oconee, Ga where we live.  I spend a couple of hours every week secretly searching for a new boat although my money is going into the new company and I know it’s not a possibility for a couple of years.  The idea of it keeps me sane at least.  Here’s another edition of greatest hit photos from 4 years of sailing and traveling the world!

Volcano near Pucon Chile

Petrohue Volcano, Chile

Salvador Brazil Carnival Beach

The Beach in Salvador Brazil during Carnival

Hong Kong Street

A contrasting street in Hong Kong

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