Dosia’s Spares List

The best way to view this site is to bring up the first picture and “click” your way through them.  I have pretty good descriptions on all the photos.

Anchoring and Docking

I’ve got swivels and shackles (several not pictured here cause I was using them as extra weight on my weightbelt for diving) and a spare chain hook (in addition to the two I routinely use).  SS bailing wire and the colored zip ties are for remarking the anchor chain. The pic on the right shows the 180′ of 5/16″ Chain. Never used, stored here as a spare rode!

My anchoring kit - thimbles, colored zip ties to mark chain, spared chain grabber, swivels, locking wire 180' Feet of 5/16 HT Spare Chain in the bilge along with tools and all the other stuff you see in these pics

Deck Hardware and SS Hardware

When I left the states I wasn’t quite sure if I was done with Dosia or not so I brought a bunch of stuff you wouldn’t normally see on a cruising boat (at least in the quantity I have it).  I have a huge container of ubolts and padeyes and other various SS hardware pictured below.

not something that usually breaks but you gotta spare winch handle pocket if you need it. have some stainless hardware - ubolts, padeyes galore

Also included in the “spares” kit is a huge selection of stainless steel nuts, bolts, screws, washers, and more.
SS Nuts... SS Washers, Nylon washers, SS Finish washers, Aluminum rivets, and so on and so on and so on
another shot SS bolts of all sizes (yep, even some metric too)
SS Screws of all sizes SS Machine screws of all sizes

Some of the stuff in the photo below on the left could go into the rigging section.  There’s a spare chainplate in the photo, spreader boots, and a pawl/spring set for the Lewmar winches.  On the right is a set of spare dogs for the Bomar Hatches.

Random spares - hinges of all types, ss rings, antenna mount, stanchion base, spreader boots, clamp downs, etc New dogs and associated hardware for the Bomar hatches
SS deck plate.  Same size as the cowl vent plates up on deck.'s some inspection hatches for you.  Guess I thought I might use these one day.
a ss backing plate for a winch.  a spare...just in case. Another inspection plate.  I haven't found a use for it...maybe you will.

On the left, spare gasket for the fixed ports.  On the right, spare gasket for the Bomar Hatches.

Spare gasket for the fixed ports.  All new glass, gaskets, and sealant in 04-05,  Spare gasket for the Bomar hatches.

I actually got rid of two of the smaller cleats pictured below.
how about some spare cleats.  brought these on board but haven't needed them. maybe you will.


These are all spares.  The Blue Seas item below is a back up for the echocharge.

Terminal stud, through bulkhead connector studs, giant fuse block, and i think it's called a stint or a shunt or something like that. Blue Sea Systems Auto Charging Relay
Wiring something new into the system.  Chances are you've got a label. How about some fuses.  Every one you will ever need.

Below on the left is a spare regulator for the charging system.  It’s literally plug and play.

A spare plug and play regulator.  A must have on a long distance cruising yacht. Electrical connectors like you wouldn't believe
electrical spares-lugs of all sizes, battery clamps, circuit breaker, spare led lighting (actually those have been used now and are not included), busbars, etc have some electrical connectors.
large amp fuses for the DC system, windlass, and other major apps.  fuse holder, shrink tubing galore, busbar, blue sea mounting plates. bulbs for every light on the boat, butt connectors, and tons of orings
told you I had some more wire... Don't like my wiring?  This is barely half of what you get with the boat.  Wire yourself silly.
More spare wiring...looks like a pile of AC wiring to me A 50 amp to 30 amp converter


Seeing as how the autopilot is quite possibly the MOST important item on any shorthanded sailboat, I have a complete spare (minus the control display which rarely breaks).  After listening to a boat on the net the other morning who lost their linear drive on passage to New Zealand and were hand steering in 35 knot winds, I’m so HAPPY I have an extra.  No fumbling with motor parts or assemblies in big seas.  Just switch it out and go.

An entire Autopilot backup.  2 Rate Gyros, Computer bigger than the installed one, tiller indicator, and a freaking Type 1 Linear drive

Also have a spare VHF antenna in case an Albatross attacks!
How about a spare VHF antenna

Health and Comfort

The “Spares” for the First Aid Pak!  Everything from a RediSplint to a Catheter to Skin Staples to Suture Kits to Stethoscope.

This is just the spares for the first aid kit.  Yes, the spares, not the actual kit.


I actually do have a spare Hella fan (never used) on board just in case


Spare motor parts - Rods, 2 Rocker assemblies and 2 rocker arms, fuel injection pump, water pump, 4 injectors (cleaned and checked in Aug 08), and the spare alternator Spare belts, primary filters, secondary filters, oil filters, and impellers.  I'll make sure the boat is stocked for you.

  • Spare Alternator – Stock alternator rebuilt and marinized in 2005. Used once in April 2009 when the primary Balmar anodes burnt out. Supplies a max of 45 amps

  • Spare Fuel Pump – Here’s one you won’t see on most boats. Included with Dosia is a brand new spare high pressure fuel pump purchased in 2008. Never used.

  • Spare Raw Water Pump – A backup water pump is a must. After rebuilding the primary pump in Ecuador in 2008, I purchased this new one to carry as a quick-replace backup if the bearings ever went out again. Haven’t had need for it yet but this is a common spare to carry.

  • Spare Rockers and 2 Rocker Arm Assemblies – Here’s an odd one to find but I actually broke a rocker arm on the crossing and had an entire assembly plus spare rockers shipped in.  Then I was given another!

  • Spare Injectors – Spare injectors from the big rebuild in Tahiti. These came off the old top end. They were cleaned and rebuilt in Ecuador in 2008. Very good idea to have spare injectors on board.

  • Spare Belts – A selection of spare V-belts, mostly Gates Green Stripes…the best you can buy.

  • Spare Filters – Plenty of primary and secondary fuel filters on board

  • Spare impellers – Plenty of spare impellers and impeller replacement kits on board

Misc. Crap

How bout a little bit of spare bungy cord Even a few spare locks.  These plus a bunch more I actually use
I'm even throwing in my zip ties.  This is barely half of them.  There's a whole other bag! Spare starboard I brought along.  I have three more sheets of various sizes on board.

Navigation and Books

how about some books to go along with your new boat. A bunch more books that come with the boat!


A brand new spare water pump ready to install. Spare bilge pumps and float switches.  The 1500 is a replacement for the primary and secondary bilge pumps.  The Rule 800 is a spare for the shower sump.  The piranha is for whatever you'd like!
This is a rebuild kit for the toilet pump.  Never leave home without one. Rebuild kit for the Cockpit emergency bilge pump
A high-silt-area kit for the watermaker.  I never needed to install it but if you plan on keeping the boat in an area with silty water for an extended time, you may want to install it. A bunch of spare filters for the watermaker.  A selection of different microns to suit your needs.
Spare water bladder for the Plastimo flexible water tanks spare hose clamps
A box of misc plumbing parts.  Always handy to have around though it's usually other boats that I end up helping with this stuff. Another box of misc plumbing parts.  Spare Thru hull, deck drains, filters, etc
Spare hoses for plumbing use and chafe protection

Rigging and Sails

Spare blocks, traveler car, etc...Some of this may be sold in NZ.  It's a bit much to have on the boat.  I'll update this area if anything sells. Spare winch handles.  These are in addition to the two kept on deck.
Here's a pricey pile of turnbuckles and sta lok fittings sized for the rigging on this boat.  great for repairs in out of the way places. The sail repair/splicing kit.  Pretty much everything you need.  Needles, waxed bobbin, fids, butane torch, palm, whipping twine of almost every color
Some mast steps I never got around to installing Spare fairleads
How about a spare windex?  Birds destroy these things frequently. Spare sheaves
There's even a couple more not pictured.  Snap shackles, headboard shackles GALORE how about some clevis pins?
Yes, that's two full trays of just cotter pins Cotter pins galore- more detailed shot
yes, Dosia comes with gobs of cotters pins of basically every size and length Cotter pins not for you?  How about cotter rings
Marge trying to hold up some of the spare lines and halyards!

The above picture is Marge trying to hold up some of the spare lines and halyards we have on board.  There’s two spare main halyards and one mizzen halyard rigged and ready to go (professionally spliced).  There’s a couple of long (approx 200′) lengths of Sta-Set and 5/8″ 3 Strand Nylon)  Plus much more.  Some not pictured.


how about some spare harnesses and tethers.  yes, spares.  these are all new.  never used


Everything you need in case of a steering failure plus Rebuild and Maintenance Kits for the Edson Pedestal.
the complete steering rebuild, maintenance, and spares kit