Margie around the world – Greatest Hits 5th Edition

by Drew on June 26, 2011

Over a year back from our journey I routinely peek back into the photo archives to relive our adventures.  Business is crazy.  Margie closed her first real estate deal and is hungry for more.  My business has taken off in ways I never imagined.  In less than three months we get married here at her parents house in Greensboro, GA so I thought a tribute post to the girl I love was totally necessary.  Due to her new website, she’s known in these parts as “Marge at Large.”  In the photos below she is truly at large.  I am a lucky, lucky man.

Cocktails in Bora Bora

Sunsets Cocktails - My view every night in Bora Bora

Queenstown Canyon Swing

Harnessed up and ready for the Canyon Swing - New Zealand

Hong Kong Park

Wandering around Hong Kong