Always something broken on a boat

by Drew on April 10, 2009

Last night I decided we need a logo. Not a crappy logo either. I don’t want it ending up on this site. I’m in the market for someone who can turn the pic you see to the right into a basic logo design. If you know any good graphic designers, send me an email.

I measured the output of the watermaker yesterday. It’s supposed to make around 1.5 gallons an hour. I’m getting six cups an hour. Now I’m no expert but I’d say the thing is broke. The Katadyn Powersurvivor 40 is the purchase I regret most of anything on the boat. I’ve hated that thing since the first time I turned it on and saw it dribbling water like grandpa at the urinal. It doesn’t make sense to have a watermaker that produces that little amount when I could have bought one that makes 30 gallons an hour. Yes, the small Powersurvivor only uses a fraction of the electricity but I would rather run the engine for a couple of hours and almost fill up the tanks with a big power hog. Next time, next time. I took it apart for the fourth time in a year to see if I could fix it and once it was back together I was up to 6.5 cups per hour. That’s with the brand new membrane I brought back to Tahiti with me. I’ve checked and double checked everything so I sent off an email to Katadyn this morning.

I did a few searches and there are barely any cruising boats using Twitter. Others ought to look into it. I set up an account that will allow us to email Tweets (updates) from anywhere, even the satellite phone. It’s a great way to follow a cruising yacht in real time as they move about the globe. Not to mention, I get constant updates from the marine industry on news, products, sales, etc. Yeah, it’s one more thing to monitor and take care of but it’s also one more way to stay in touch with family and friends. And I’ve yet to meet a boat where that wasn’t important.

Almost one week has passed since I moved over to Moorea and the only cash missing from my pocket was spent on a horrible meal at a roulotte. I’m determined to eat all the Ecuadorian food on this boat before I buy anything new and the selection is getting sparse. The one thing from Ecuador I’m truly sad to see dwindling is the peanuts. The crunchy coated peanuts from there have become my favorite snack on board. I wish I would have bought 50 cans. I’m sure I could have found somewhere to store those and about 25 more rolls of paper towels. I need to sit down and write an article. “What to overload your boat with before you cross the Pacific.” Peanuts and paper towels. There. The article is finished. I would like some fresh meat though and I may have to wander over to the store today. That grill is dying to be cranked up. It is Easter so I’m sure the picking will be slim. Hopefully I don’t get over there and find a sign like this on the door.

No meet


Liz April 10, 2009 at 7:29 pm

i love following you on Twitter. makes me feel like you aren’t so far away. next time i’m in ecuador i’ll make you a peanut care package. ha ha! for real, though, want me to send some paper towels? or reusable microfiber towels? might be helpful to have something like that…?

Rich SV THIRD DAY April 10, 2009 at 11:15 pm

Peanuts and Paper towles. For us so far it’s been decent peanut butter and pancake syrup while cruising Mexico! So drew with all that alone time, how about getting another clip up on youtube for us to enjoy?

Take care out there!

Margie April 11, 2009 at 3:10 pm

hey! paige says she and leslie sent u an email last nite! let me know where they sent it to. i’d love to see it! i love u!!!

Rhett April 19, 2009 at 8:03 am

I think the title for the logo should be Sunday’s – meaning your loungin in the sun each day- and on sunday you are supposed to take it easy and rest like in the pick so it carries two meanings with the same title. Or you could just tell me to jump in the ocean as well. Thought it would be good jesture since it sounds like you could use a little devine intervention from above with the boat and I know you and Margie could use some looking over out on the water for so long. Take care !

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