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by Drew on April 12, 2009

Well, the watermaker isn’t fixed, the old reliable honda generator that saved our tail last year won’t start, and my outboard died on me yesterday.  But it’s Easter and I still have 11 days before Marge gets here to have everything in perfect working order.  Surely that means I need to take a day off from boat projects…right?

I went searching for blogs of other puddle jumpers on their way here this year and managed to locate a few.  I found a good number of them on the FLEET list.

La Palapa – a couple of characters, look to be a bit younger, blogging from sea

S/V Blue Dawn of Sark – on their 2nd circumnavigation on a big ass boat, already in the Marquesas

s/v Zen – family cruising catamaran – also in the Marquesas already…nice looking family from Newport

Allan and Rina’s 2009 Sailing Adventure – blogging from sea.  you gotta love entries titled “hot and shitty continued…day 21”

The Adventures of Amikuk – left Mexico in mid March, assuming we’ll hear something from them soon

Romany Star – looks like they’re almost to the Marquesas!

Nemesis – can’t quite tell whether they’ve left the Galapagos yet – i think these guys are still in the Galapagos but it’s hard to tell

The Hynes Honeymoon! – another actual young couple out cruising!  looks like there half way across. he actually writes informative stuff…maybe i should take a lesson

Alright…back to work on the site.  I plan on finishing the Boat Systems Report Card today and actually sitting down to write my About Me.  Then I will officially be done with this site and can move onto video editing!

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