Nana Tahiti!

by Margie on June 5, 2009

Ahhh, Tahiti…not quite what I had envisioned over the years but it still managed to kick any Florida coastlines butt I’ve ever been to. The beaches there do not live up to the picture postcard images. In all honesty, you are lucky to find white sand that stretches more than a few hundred feet. There is still something to be said for this magnificent island, however, and luckily Drew and I got to see every inch of it’s coastline in all it’s glory. A some odd three months we spent in Tahiti, mainstay Papeete, and I have to say I’m going to miss the friends we made, the food, and walking it’s bustling streets.
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Papeete is a place of convenience for cruisers and we will not see anything like it for quite some time. The market, the Carrefour, the restaurants,  and the roulottes offrered everything food wise we could possibly need. Well…expect for Ritz crackers. The Carrefour had them once and I have yet to find them again. That is very typical here…one day you see something in the store, if you want it you better buy it then because once it’s gone there is no telling when the shelf will be restocked.

I’m pretty sure we have prepared well for the following month(s). We are both super excited about moving along to new places and seeing new things. We are officially checked out of French Polynesia and technically have until the 18th of this month before we are supposed to be gone. We may extend our stay a few days past the deadline in Bora Bora but  soon after  we will be well on our way to the Cook Islands. Drew has drawn up a tentative time line of our travels on our “about the journey” page. So check it out and we can’t wait for you to follow along with us!

Nana (goodbye) Tahiti! It’s been a blast!

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