Jammin with the pig – P.I.G. FM Radio Vava’u

by Drew on October 20, 2009

We’re wrapping up our time here in Vava’u.  Planning to leave Neiafu today and start heading south to the capital city of Nuku’alofa.  Margie’s out shopping somewhere and I’m working on the computer and rockin out to PIG fm, the local radio station run by a Canadian ex-pat.  For most of the day, it’s one of those massive collections of music shuffling on a Mac in the studio but in the morning and sometimes in the evenings Greg rolls in and DJ’s.  We’ve heard everything from the Footloose soundtrack to Fergie to Louis Armstrong to Tom Petty.  It’s quite an interesting mix.

If you haven’t seen the Sale page for the boat, you gotta check it out.  As you may have noticed, our blog post dropped off the past couple of weeks.  It seemed everytime I sat down with the computer I was editing photos or writing stuff for the page or listing Dosia on a bunch of “selling sites.”   Now that’s all done and we can get back to cruising!

The plan is to island hop our way south to Tongatapu, the southern island group in Tonga.  That means a few illegal stops in the Ha’apai group since I checked out with Customs here and said we were going the whole way down.  Oh well.  We’ll be in the Nuku’alofa area for a week or so and then we’ll be off for the big sail to New Zealand.  It’s potentially a nasty little passage and requires close monitoring of the weather systems moving off Australia and the Tasman Sea.  We’re not sure when we’ll leave on the passage since we may get stuck waiting several more weeks for a good window.  If all goes well, we’ll join a rally of boats departing on Halloween, the day after the party at Big Mama’s Yacht Club.  Not sure why they planned a rally departure the day after a party.

We’ve said goodbye to our many friends here in Vava’u.  It’s a very interesting place and I want to sit down and write a nice long blog post about it.  But for now, the engine is running…Marge is back…and we’re off!

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Tony Derkach December 28, 2010 at 3:49 pm

Found IT COOL!!!

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