Boats, Grottos, and A Tahitian Sandbar party

by Margie on May 3, 2009

After the rest of the house woke up yesterday morning, you’d think everyone would hug, say their goodbyes, and head home. No…. that’s not exactly how it went. The food leftover from the night before was reheated and thus, breakfast was served. I’ll eat spaghetti morning, noon, and night so I was a happy, happy camper!

Jet ski and boat gased up, we all took off for a day out on the water. Youenn’s jet ski will make most look like a stick in the mud. It will haul butt!!! We followed along behind him and Youri tried his best to keep up. We floated up into a small river, anchored the boats and walked about a 1/4 of a mile to this grotto back in the woods. Everyone jumped in and splashed around. Pretty much everybody but me.

I wrote in an email the other day that something about a dark cave and not being able to see what’s around me just doesn’t sit well with me. I have a pretty bad fear of water I cant see through…and sharks. I know that each time I let those thoughts creep up in my head that I am missing out on incredible opportunities here. It’s just difficult. Drew tries to be patient with me and says I have a better chance of being in 400 car accidents than I do of getting bitten by a shark but I haven’t been able to get over it yet. I’m hoping that the more and more time I spend in the water that my fears will eventually subside. A fear of sharks and certain waters is not good if I am going to be living on a boat, huh? And here I am dating a man who I swear has fins instead of arms…
P1050242 P1050240

After the grotto we spent about three hours anchored out on a sandbar about two/three hundred yards offshore. There were sea cucumbers everywhere so the guys had a blast throwing those at the ladies while they screamed their heads off. Lucky for me I’d seen and held a few of these last year while we were snorkeling so they didn’t freak me out as bad as they did some of the other girls. I’ll just let y’all google those if you wanna know what they look like…

Much of our time on the sandbar was spent explaining to Lydiane what it meant when Youri was being an “asshole.” I have never laughed so much in my life as she tried to figure out what it meant. I taught her how to say it Meet the Fockers style! Youri could have done no right the rest of the afternoon as everything he said or did got a big ol’ asshole in response. You probably had to be there but it handed us a pretty good laugh nonetheless. Lydiane is pretty good with her English and incredibly eager to learn. All the time she’s asking us how do we say this, what does it mean, how do we say that… I assure you that most of the time the things we tell her are proper but we just couldn’t resisit this one!
P1050265 P1050266

I also got to watch our friends, and Drew, munch on raw, straight off the reef clams that they dug up. I made an attempt but man, it was gross. I love seafood but THAT is pushing it….

The sun will drain it out of you here so after a throwdown on chow mein for dinner we headed back to the boat and turned in for the night. Sundays here are the epitome of rest and relaxation. Nothing but books, a few episodes of Friends, dinner, maybe a movie, and an eight o’clock bedtime calling our name…
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