It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere….

by Margie on May 2, 2009

Yesterday Youri and Lydiane drove over from Papeete (about an hour by car) to Youenn’s house in celebration of “holiday.” We never could get the name from anyone as to what exactly they were celebrating or honoring but everyone had the day off and that meant it was time to party. After Drew and I had breakfast I made some homemade lemon bars to take with us, along with the stuff for spaghetti which I had promised to make for dinner. Around three we began our treck to Youenn’s. Oh man it was hot so when a guy pulled over in a jeep to offer us a ride we gladly accepted. Hitchhiking here is about as dangerous as clipping your nails. And believe me, the way some people drive over here, you are better off in the back of someone’s truck than you are walking on the side of the road!

So anyway, friendly guy in the jeep turns out to be from Hawaii and comes here enough times a year to surf that he has purchased a vehicle. So…we’re guessin’ he comes a good bit. He carried us as far as his driveway and about five minutes of walking later Youenn and Youri pull up from a day out on the jetski and we hop a ride with them the rest of the way. Lydian’s younger sister, Julie, was there for the day along with a friend. So we had a house full!

Nothing like a cold beer on a Friday afternoon, music on the ipod, sitting on the back porch, listening to the sound of the pacific ocean crash against the shoreline of your buddies backyard! That night Youri grilled a huge fish (Drew thinks we call it a Moonfish in English) on the grill and I made a big ol’ pot of spaghetti. American pop culture music is very well known here so we jammed out to everything from the likes of Notorious B.I.G., U2, and Bob Marley to Jason Mraz and Lady Gaga.

A few groups of people came and went throughout the night and amidst one of them was a guy named Danny. He was from Hawaii and here for the Billabong contest. He told us he took fifth place last year so chances are we were talking it up with someone a lot of young surfers would have drooled over but we are unfamiliar with the sport. Better internet connection and we’re gonna have to do some research on him!

9 o’clock rolled around and amidst the haze of Hinanos and my bedtime, I was ready to turn in for the evening. Youenn had a room all reserved for Drew and I so we crashed at his place and had ourselves a Polynesian slumber party. Which reminds me…the roosters here…they have no concept of time. Early in the morning, early in the afternoon…they are crowing. You never have to set an alarm clock cause one of them is guaranteed to wake you up. And bet your bottom dollar Drew and I were up at seven, Hinano haze worn off, ready to embrace another venturesome day!

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