Sailing and Reading – Books, books and more books

by Margie on May 1, 2009

Eight days on the boat, three books down. Man…I don’t know why it is that I never find time for literature when I am back home. Good literature. Learn a thing or two from it literature. Not Cosmo or US Weekly. I guess I make excuses as to why I don’t have the time or something. Over here, even if I wanted to read a gossip magazine I probably couldn’t. 1) You can’t stand and read a magazine on a rack here like you can at Target or Walmart. Someone comes along to tell you “you read, you pay.” 2) At a some odd $20 a pop here, there’s no breakup, plastic surgery epidemic, or good celebrity deed in the world that would persuade Drew to buy one of those. Lucky for me I don’t miss ’em that much and I can still log into every now and then if I really need a fix.

We do have a lot of books though. Most every port/marina you pull into has a book exchange. It’s a really awesome, common, and free concept in the sailing world to trade bags upon bags of books at a time. I read as many as 5 books in a week so it’s great for me! I can get so nose deep in a novel that Drew will sometimes have to remind me that there is tropical paradise floating right around/beside/underneath me. Maybe I should learn to put the book down a little more during the day…

Nonetheless we both love reading ourselves to sleep at night. And the coolest part about it is it doesn’t give us a hangover in the morning : )

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