NZ to Brisbane, Australia-Day #1

by Drew on January 29, 2010

(posted by Marge)

After a gut bomb breakfast of eggs benedict (“eggs benny for breaky” in NZ talk) at the Marina Cafe yesterday morning, we were ready to haul tail. Customs arrived right on time, fueling up was quick and easy, and we were headed out of the Bay of Islands by eleven o’clock. Had a really, really nice day of sailing up the coast of New Zealand under spinnaker. The only hard part about dinner was Drew having to decide which of the pre made meals he wanted. We went with chicken casserole, green beans, and thus, dinner was taken care of. That’s my kind of cooking underway! Right before sunset a pod of dolphins came by the play around on the bow a little bit. We were able to get some great video of that and I assured Drew they knew it was our last passage for a while and wanted to make it memorable (I haven’t had great luck seeing dolphins throughout our trips).

We rounded the North Cape while on Drew’s watch, motor sailed for much of the night as the winds died out when night fell, and are now headed towards the Three Kinds Islands. We’ll leave those long behind us in our second day at sea and for hundreds of miles it’ll be just us, the water, and any visitors that might pop up along the way!

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