NZ to Brisbane, Australia-Day 2

by Drew on January 30, 2010

(posted by Marge)

Let’s see…we cooked fresh lobster for dinner, had a pleasant convo with a sea turtle about the East Australian Current, and I got a mani/pedi. Oh wait…those were day 2 dreams! A pleasant and calm day at sea, however, so my reality wasn’t much to complain about either. We’re pluggin’ along. Again we sailed under spinnaker all day yesterday averaging anywhere from 5 to 5 1/2 knots. The past two nights it’s been as if someone flipped a switch as soon as it got dark and the winds just disappeared. Personally, I enjoy a calm night at sea but no winds means I’m not getting to Australia any faster, thus we have a problem; We motored through it again last night and woke this morning, day 3, to winds from the East that are currently pushing us along at a gratifying 7 knots.

Back to the shelf for me again as I burned through an entire book yesterday. My Sisters Keeper. Complete tear jerker. At sea we can’t afford for me to be tearing through our rolls of toilet paper so today perhaps I’ll go for something with a bit more humor!

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