Crossing the Tasman-Day 6

by Drew on February 2, 2010

(posted by Marge)

Birds have become an intriguing species since I started doing passages. Here we are hundreds and hundreds of miles from any solid piece of land and there they are just flying around. I mean…what the heck are they doing way out here!?! It baffles the ever living tarnation out of me. I can’t make the assumption that there’s not a whole lot to see on the big open blue cause things are probably totally different from their perspective. I bet if we had the view they did then passages might be a little more interesting. Nonetheless, don’t they get tired? Don’t they get bored? Aren’t there plenty of fish to feed on right next to a coast where they can go take a load off and eat their meal perched on a palm tree? I just don’t get it…

Still their company is welcomed as long as they aren’t taking a different kind of load off on our boat, if you get what I’m saying. They dive in and out around the sails and before you know it they are as bored watching us as we are watching them and off they go. If only we could communicate, I bet they’d have some pretty intriguing stories to tell…

And on that note, day 6 of mission “Delivery to Trev & Alli” went well. We spent the day enjoying some pretty awesome weather and we can definitely feel the difference in the temperatures between here and New Zealand. I spent the afternoon cutting out recipes from what I like to call “sophisticated and intelligent reading material,” otherwise known to Drew as “trashy, celebrity, gossip magazines.” Sometimes I wonder whether my love for them is equal to, less than, or far greater than the loathing he feels for them. We are currently in the process of drawing up a bargain deal stating if I am never to purchase another gossip magazine that one day we will in turn purchase a king size bed. Something I desperately want so, naturally, Drew has no interest in having one . A deal must be reached. That IS how you get what you want in a relationship, right?

Drew whipped up a stir fry for dinner last night that was so good it’d make you want to slap somebody. We’ve had to back our watches and clocks up two hours in order to coincide sunrise and sunset with night watches. Hopefully only 4 more of those as we greet day 7 with 364 miles to go!

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mommy kopp February 4, 2010 at 7:50 pm

That is hilarious and I’ve laughed my head off. Aren’t birds amazing.

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