Sailing Blog Photos-Greatest Hits 2nd Ed.

by Drew on January 7, 2011

On a high note, I think we’ve decided to charter a cat in the BVI’s for our honeymoon later this year.  If you’re planning to be at Foxy’s Cat Fight race over Halloween, send us a note!

Dominical Costa Rica

The most chilled puppy ever in Domincal, Costa Rica

Big Mamas Yacht Club

Halloween at Big Mamas Yacht Club in Tonga

caves in Niue

Margie exploring a cave in Niue, South Pacific


Drew and Margie


I decided to post some photos from 4 great years of traveling in no particular order and for no particular reason other than to remind me why I’m sitting here at this computer. The harder we work, the closer we get to doing this all over again!

Coming at you three at a time over the next few weeks/months!


Bora Bora, French Polynesia

boca chica dominican republic

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic

queenstown, nz

Queenstown, New Zealand

Back in the States :-(

by Drew on April 28, 2010

Hmm.  Two full months since our last blog post.  That’s not good.  Not good at all.  Let’s see, what happened in the last 60 or so days that took up all our time and kept us from our precious blog?  We went from Melbourne back to NZ where we rented a car and toured the South Island. We spent 4+ days in Queenstown with our friends Allan and Rina from Follow You Follow Me hurling ourselves off cliffs, platforms, and out of planes. We visited Milford Sound and the thoroughly unexciting town of Dunedin before driving back to Christchurch where we flew off to Hong Kong via Singapore. Four days later we were shopping the Champs Elysees in Paris after lunching in Beijing. Four days after that we grabbed some fish and chips in Dublin before landing in Raleigh to see my family. Four days after that we were knee deep in caulk and paint at our current location…Greensboro, Georgia. And after all that; four years of traveling and sailing, one full revolution of the earth, countless long-haul flights, twenty-five countries, weeks at sea, and tens of thousands of nautical miles I can conclude just one thing: Not living on a boat in the South Pacific islands sucks ass.

Seriously.  Who came up with this “real life” crap?  I went from sitting on a sandbar drinking Hinanos to sitting in the drive-thru at Wendy’s waiting on my Bacon-ator.  The transition has been hard.  We’ve moved onto much larger, much more stressful projects.  Within the next couple of weeks, Marge and I will have ownership in three separate businesses between the two of us.  One of those businesses I’m starting with my entire life savings and therefore committing myself for quite some time to this very small town.  We could take that same money and settle on a beach in the islands somewhere; open up a dive shop, sell rum drinks to tourists.  It’d be interesting to reach the point where “going to bed” means the limbo pole gets so low you fall over backwards and pass out.  Why, you ask, are we not doing that?  Simple.  We want to go back out there again. And to do it the way we want to do it takes a lot of hard work here in the real world.  No, it won’t be any time soon but we’re already talking about it.  We talk about where we want to go (Marge-Caribbean, Drew-Med), how big a boat we’d like (Marge-big catamaran, Drew– huge catamaran), and how we’ll achieve that goal (Marge-win the lottery, Drew-build the exit strategy before you build the business).  We’ll make it out there again.  I’m sure of it.

Until then we have our memories and our photos, our travel buddies, and blog to keep us in the spirit.  Currently I’m unable to read any travel/sailing blogs due to an unresolved anger-jealously issue but whenever I reach that point we’ll have all the experiences of others to live through as well.  If you’re traveling through Georgia between Augusta and Atlanta anytime soon, stop in and see us.  Maybe by then I’ll have the billboard up.  She doesn’t believe me, but keep an eye out for a twelve foot tall Marge on the side of I-20 advertising one of our businesses.  It’s coming.  It really is.

Big Cities in OZ prove to be a fav for me!

by Margie on February 25, 2010

I’ve always enjoyed the occasional shopping excursion as much as the next gal but as of summer last year I’ve been forced into having to basically replace a wardrobe. While gone for our trip, somewhere in the mix of things, miscommunication between my mom and I led to ALL of my spring/summer clothes…ALL of them other than the few things I had on the boat…being given away to our church. When my mom told me that my mouth dropped to my feet. Ten years of clothes…gone. What could I do? Be mad…no. They went to a good cause and I hope someone who really needed it is enjoying my all time favorite black dress. We are returning to the States as spring arrives and so Drew and I have both been aware of my need for some new clothes. While I was excited to look around when we got to Australia I wouldn’t exactly say I was looking forward to it. Over the years I’ve seen too many cute dresses in the window only to go in to try it on and it fit everywhere on me but up top. And swimsuits…FORGET ABOUT IT! Much to my surprise though the stores in Australia were unbelievable and shopping there became my best friend for a couple of weeks. The stores were any girls paradise as there were LOTS of them whether they were lining the streets or neatly stacked inside of what on the outside looks like a run down building. There were price ranges for any budget as well as opposed to some places we’ve been where all I could do was laugh at some of the things I found. Not there though… I was in shopping heaven!
Marge in China Town-Melbourne Marge happy with shopping in Australia!
Poor Drew…he was such the trooper! I offered many times to go by myself but whether it was fear of me roaming the city alone or fear of me having money in my hands without his supervision, he chose to stick by me and for days on end he was in and out, in and out of store, after store, after store. Going home to run a bed and breakfast I knew I would need some nice stuff and was definitely able to get a good head start with what I was able to find in Australia. I highly recommend it to any gal out there that doesn’t sport a stick figure.

Looking back on it I enjoyed Australia for many reasons other than those most people normally peg it for. The coastal drive was fun and offered us a great view of some of Australia’s beaches but I most enjoyed the shopping, the casino in Sydney which was good to us so that probably put it on my list, and the larger city feel of Sydney & Melbourne was a warm welcome for Drew and myself as well. I know he mentioned in a previous post that we like big cities…the noise, the people watching, the shopping, the FOOD!!! Melbourne probably is at the top of my list as one of my all time favorite cities ever as it was a perfect melting pot!