Passage to New Zealand – Day 25

by Drew on November 8, 2009

Well at least it feels like day 25. Currently we’re beating into a 20 knot southwesterly that’s pushing us farther and farther to the west and completely away from our intended destination. Nothing is more frustrating in sailing than not being able to go in a straight line. It will definitely be Tuesday before we get in now. I was counting on those southeasterly winds to blow more than a few hours. I was using them for a nice southwesterly ride to prepare for the upcoming windshift. Then it would have been a simple beam reach straight to Opua with the North Island blocking the biggest of the seas. But as usual, the wind turned sooner than expected and here we are…stuck out in the middle of nowhere. We’re 137 miles due north of the Bay of Islands and sailing more towards Sydney. Typical.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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